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Prism partnership was established in 2016 after a couple of years of significant preparation by Jean and Nigel Oldbury. They sourced the right people to create their vision of a business format which would enable a group of enthusiastic partners to run and manage a number of optical based businesses. The development of the business format would also allow flexibility for potential future developments and provide a career route for appropriate employees to progress through the business to possible board level.

Prism Partnership Ltd is the top level company in this format. Primarily, a management and holding company with a board of 7 directors who are also all shareholders in Prism Partnership.  All members have a great deal of enthusiasm, experience and connections within the optical industry. Each have their own special interests and skills within the business, enabling effective management at board level with an experienced understanding of the industry.

Prism Partnership owns 100% of each of the current subsidiary companies. Future purchases will also be aimed at purchasing 100% of the business, with key staff being rewarded with bonuses based on the success of each business.

As well as the Board of Directors, Prism Partnership provides accounting, HR and training services to all its businesses. 

Prism Partnership strongly believes that the future of independent optical practice lies in delivering high quality services, products and premises. Our other top priority is providing well trained, dedicated and motivated staff. 

We seek to inspire and create a group of clinically excellent practices where all its people are encouraged to strive to achieve their best in every way.

Prism partnership aims to develop accessibility for bright individuals in optometry who want to be successful in independent practice. Its structure, joint experience and connections will be a valuable resource for future independent optometrists.

Prism Partnership brand should be the future epitome of independent optometry and bring back the ‘glory’ of being in optics.

Currently there are 5 businesses owned by Prism Partnership, with practices in Macclesfield, Alsager, Sandbach,Nantwich and Tarporley. Plus a website for eye care products. It is planned to have up to 8 practices in the next 5 years.


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